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Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Permits are vital to the continued use and functionality of a sewage treatment system (STS) including gray water recycling system. O&M permits were initiated in 2015 based on STS rules established by the Ohio Department of Health. These rules required, among other things, the establishment of a phase in process for all existing STS while requiring all new STS to be included in the O&M program.  
The phase in process for the Delaware General Health District is summarized on the official document located on the bottom of this page. The phase in process was established in collaboration with stakeholder representatives from industry and the community. A property owner will be alerted by a letter from the Health District when phase in to the program in imminent.  
Current Phase: PHASE 1
Based on the type of STS located on the property, the length of an O&M permit will vary between 1 and 5 years. For those STS with no mechanical parts, a 5-year permit is issued based on the need to pump a septic tank to ensure the solids are properly removed. Mechanical systems require more oversight to ensure proper functionality; therefore, a yearly inspection is necessary. 
The permit requires that the STS is inspected once during the permit cycle. The expiration date can be found on the permit issued by the Health District. Additionally, reminders are sent in the months preceding the permit expiration to remind homeowners of the actions needed.  If an inspection report is not submitted by the indicated date, an inspection must be made by the Health District and a fee assessed. To arrange an inspection please contact a registered service provider on the list below or contact the Health District.   
STS Service Providers
O&M Phase In Process