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Semi-Public Sewage

Semi-Public Sewage Treatment Systems (STS) are privately owned sewage systems that typically serve a small business. These businesses may be run out of a home, garage or stand alone building where a restroom is provided for customers or employees. These businesses may include, but are not limited to: places of assemblage, entertainment, recreation, education, correction, hospitalization, housing or employment. 

Through a contract with Ohio EPA, the Delaware General Health District issues installation permits for Semi-Public STS that are sized at 1,000 gallons per day or less. Through another contract with the Ohio EPA, the Health District inspects and issues annual operation permits for all Semi-Public STS sized at 25,000 gallons per day or less. 

Sanitarians inspect Semi-Public STS to ensure proper operation of the system and to protect the water quality and public health of the District. These inspections may include visual and/or operational inspections of tanks, alarms, switch components, discharge points, and absorption areas. If violations are found, Sanitarians work with the property owner to ensure corrections are made to protect the public’s health and the environment.