Communicable Diseases

Communicable Diseases

One of the roles of Delaware General Health District is to prevent and control the spread of disease. The Ohio Revised Code directs physicians, laboratories and hospitals to report certain diseases to the local health department where the patient lives.

The patient information is sent to the Ohio Department of Health and sometimes on to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This information is reviewed to determine disease trends, risk factors and the effectiveness of various vaccines and medications. The information is kept confidential and the patient’s name is not released to the public.

The Health District is allowed, however, to release information to the public and media about the specific diseases reported and number of cases reported. This is done to encourage protective measures (such as hand washing or vaccination) and to alert the medical community on trends being identified. 

Sometimes the Health District has to do stool testing to confirm an illness or to clear an individual to return to work or daycare. Please see the video for stool sample collection tips.                                                                                      
Remember, do not to flush any collection material (plastic wrap) down a toilet and be sure to double bag sample before placing it in a refrigerator. 


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