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The following section provides information regarding sewage treatment systems.  The Residential Services Unit staff feels it’s important that homeowners understand some basic concepts related to onsite sewage system design, installation, and maintenance.   This applies to those that had a new onsite sewage treatment system installed on their property and those that may have purchased a house with an existing onsite sewage treatment system. 

Sanitarians encourage homeowners to educate themselves about sewage system design and installation prior to deciding on the system that is right for your property based on options available.  This can be done by contacting a member of our staff at 740/368-1700.  We will help guide you through the process of obtaining a permit.  We can also provide a list of soil scientists, designers, and installers.  You may also reference some of the links provided on this page to answer your questions.

We continue to assist homeowners after systems are installed as well. Our Sanitarians act as a resource to answer questions on system maintenance and ensure that all service providers and septage haulers are registered and in compliance with all applicable rules.  It’s important to note that system maintenance is ultimately the responsibility of the homeowner.  Here are some tips that may help extend the life of your onsite system and decrease the chance of failure:


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