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Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP) is a community-driven health assessment and improvement process that helps communities apply strategic thinking skills to prioritize public health issues and identify solutions.

The MAPP process follows six phases. This page provides details on current phases of the 2013 Delaware County MAPP process. For full details on the first four phases which have been completed, refer to the completed phases. For details on the MAPP model, please see the MAPP Factsheet  or the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) MAPP site.

MAPP Phase 4.) Strategic issues: After results of the four Delaware County MAPP assessments were reviewed, five strategic issues were identified as health priorities:

Executive Summary of the 2013 MAPP Assessment Process

MAPP Phase 5.) Goals, objectives and strategies: Goals and outcome objectives will be developed for the priorities identified in phase 4. Broad strategies will be identified to achieve the goals and objectives. Goals, objectives, and strategies will be posted for public review in Spring 2014.

MAPP Phase 6.) Action Cycle: Planning, Implementation and Evaluation of the goals, objectives, and strategies developed in phase 5 will take place. Although this is the final phase of the MAPP process, it is not the end of the process. The PHDC will continue to meet to review progress made toward the goals and objectives for each of the five health priorities. Progress updates will be posted on this site.

The Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) will provide details on the five MAPP priorities along with the goals, objectives, strategies and action plans developed to address each priority. The Delaware County CHIP will be posted on this website in the summer of 2014 for public review and comment. 

Workgroups consisting of PHDC members and other community partners have been formed to address these priorities through the next two phases of MAPP.  
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All documents will be available for comment as they are completed.