Private Water System

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Private Water System

The Delaware General Health District recognizes the important role that private water system contractors play in protecting our drinking water supply. Because of this, we try to be a resource of the most current information related to legal requirements of the profession and public health rules that impact how work is completed.

The Residential Services Unit works closely with all private water system contractors exercising their profession within Delaware General Health District to ensure that they are aware of expectations related to protecting the drinking water supply and public health. The Residential Services Unit also offers a variety of water sampling services. These are for new, altered, and existing private water systems and fees are dependent on the type of sampling requested.  Our Sanitarians can visit your home and take samples for analysis of total coliform, E. Coli, nitrates, lead and many others.

If you are thinking about installing a new private water system on your property, please complete the following steps:

Complete instructions on obtaining a permit and more resources related to sampling can be found by referring to the links on this page.