Residential Environmental Health

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Residential Environmental Health

The Residential Services unit is a vital resource to those who own or rent a dwelling in the Delaware General Health District. The work completed by Residential Services Sanitarians decreases the chance for disease transmission through our water supply, from vectors such as mosquitoes and ticks, and from animal bites. We provide services in many areas. These include, but are not limited to:

The culmination of these efforts results in a healthier home environment. Unit staff are dedicated to educating, promoting, and using enforcement if necessary to provide the best environment for residents to enjoy their time away from work or school. The past century has provided great advancements in properly treating home sewage, providing safe drinking water, and protecting the public from vector borne disease transmission.

We are dedicated to staying current with the most up to date information and serving our community to the best of our abilities. Call a Residential Services Sanitarian at 740-368-1700 should you have questions about environmental hazards in or around your home or apartment. Our staff welcomes the opportunity to answer questions and address concerns.

Field Sanitarian Coverage Areas


The safety of the public and our staff is a priority for the Health District.  To aid in identification, our Environmental Health inspection staff carry two forms of identification; a photo identification card and a metal badge.  We encourage, and our inspecting staff welcome, the public to ask to see both forms of identification to prevent unauthorized access to a building, business, or home.  No Health District personnel will ever treat an operator, business owner, or homeowner differently for asking for identification.  Should someone arrive at your location and not be able to produce both forms of identification, please turn them away and call our office immediately.