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School Safety

Each school age child within the Delaware General Health District spends a significant amount of their day in the school building and on school grounds. DGHD inspectors, in partnership with school officials, help ensure that each child has a safe and healthy atmosphere in which to learn.

Since "Jarod’s Law", Ohio’s state wide comprehensive School Health and Safety Law, was repealed in 2009 DGHD staff members have been part of a workgroup that has looked at environmental hazards that can be present in schools. That workgroup has put together a set of standards which serves as a model for conducting school inspections. It is these model standards that DGHD inspectors use when performing school inspections.

Each school building in the health district receives two inspections per school year—an all-inclusive inspection in the fall and a follow up inspection in the spring. These inspections focus on both the sanitary condition of the school and minimizing environmental hazards. Some of the items reviewed during inspection include:

DGHD also has a Certified Playground Safety Inspector on staff that can make recommendations for playground safety based on the standards set forth by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) standards F1487-07, 2223-04 and 2373.  

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