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Solid Waste & FAQ

Through inspection and education the Delaware General Health District works to eliminate trash and solid waste nuisances. These efforts help to reduce environmental hazards, protect the water supply and maintain the beauty of our county. Solid waste nuisances include situations such as an over accumulation of trash and/or garbage, animal feces, etc.

The Delaware General Health District performs inspections of the solid waste facilities within our jurisdiction for the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) to assure that they meet the requirements of the regulations pertaining to their operation.

Licensed/Regulated facilities:

                       - Ohio Mulch
                       - Mulch First
                       - Price Farms

The OEPA surveys (audits) us on a yearly basis to assure that the proper regulations are being enforced, the proper facilities are being registered or licensed, and that we inspect public complaints. The OEPA provides guidance for interpretation of regulations, and sets fees for licenses.

On June 24, 1988 HB 592 was signed into law. The law dramatically revised the solid waste regulations. It established solid waste management plans, allowed for solid waste management districts, and emphasized the need to reduce Ohio’s reliance on landfills for disposal by increasing reuse, recycling and minimization efforts.

In 1989 Delaware County joined efforts with Knox, Marion and Morrow Counties to form the DKMM Solid Waste District. The DKMM Solid Waste District is required to formulate a plan for the solid waste that is produced within its boundary. Currently the District has a fifteen (15) year plan that is updated every five (5) years; the Policy Committee is the committee charged with this task. 

Solid Waste - Frequently Asked Questions

What Items can I drop off at the Transfer Station?
The Delaware County Commissioners own the transfer station and currently contract with Central Ohio Contractors (COC) for daily operation. You can contact the transfer station at 740-369-7700 for information on acceptable wastes.

I have unwanted building materials and would like to know where I can dispose of them?
The Delaware County Transfer Station accepts Construction and Demolition Debris (C&DD).

My neighbor has a pile of trash in their back yard. Can anything be done?
The Delaware General Health District can write orders to have trash and debris removed from a property to assure that the residents in the area have a safe and healthy place to live. Please call the office at 740-368-1700 for file a complaint or email a complaint.

I have a mercury thermometer/thermostat and need to properly dispose of it. How can I do that?
For proper disposal you should double bag it in zipper type plastic bags, this will help to assure that it does not leak in case of breakage. Then store it in a safe location until Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Day.