Tobacco Prevention & Education

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Lori Kannally



Tobacco Free Schools

Tobacco-free schools protect and promote the health and well-being of all students and staff.  Serious health risks are associated with the use of tobacco products; both to the users and non-users.  Students who see tobacco use in their social environments are more likely to begin using these products themselves prior to age 18.  School personnel and visitors serve as role models to students.   Therefore, tobacco-free school policies endorse a healthy lifestyle and prevent tobacco use.  The Delaware General Health District is greatly appreciative of all of our public school systems adoption of Tobacco Free School policies designed to protect the health of our youth.



Tobacco-Free Campus Policies:

  • Protect students, faculty, staff and visitors from the health risks associated with tobacco use and secondhandsmoke exposure
  • Set a positive example for students through healthy role-modeling
  • Reinforce and support messages about tobacco taught in school
  • Reduce litter and maintenance costs
  • Protect students from developing addictions
  • Reduce the risk of fires due to smoking materials