Worksite Wellness

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Worksite Wellness

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can encompass a lot of work. Whether it’s eating right, finding time to exercise or choosing not to smoke, living healthy can sometimes be challenging. These lifestyle choices can be even more challenging to sustain in the work environment. Since adults spend much of their waking hours in a work environment, it only makes sense that programming aimed at creating healthier lifestyles, are provided at work! 

The Delaware General Health District is dedicated to helping businesses see the importance for creating worksite wellness programs aimed at making a healthier workforce. Programming that focuses on topics such as nutrition, physical exercise and smoking cessation (among others) can make a dramatic difference in employee health and increase employee productivity. In addition, effective worksite wellness programs can help save your business money by helping to reduce health care costs.

Worksite Wellness makes sense for your employees and your bottom line. Learn more about WorkWell of Delaware County today.