Animals & Insects


According to the CDC, 75 percent of emerging infectious diseases come from animals. Recognizing this, the Delaware Public Health District works to protect the public from disease through surveillance, education, and control measures where appropriate. For more information regarding the Health District’s activities to prevent Zoonotic Disease, see the Zoonotic Disease:  Surveillance and Control Guide. The safety of the public and our staff is a priority for the Health District. To aid in identification, our Environmental Health inspection staff carry two forms of identification:  a photo identification card and a metal badge. We encourage, and our inspecting staff welcome, the public to ask to see both forms of identification to prevent unauthorized access to a building, business or home. No Health District personnel will ever treat an operator, business owner or homeowner differently for asking for identification. Should someone arrive at your location and not be able to produce both forms of identification, please turn them away and call our office immediately.

Mosquito Trap Map