Emergency Preparedness

The Emergency Preparedness unit is responsible for the Delaware Public Health District’s emergency preparedness activities. This includes developing and updating emergency response plans, maintaining supplies and equipment used during a response, and providing training on the emergency response plan.

The unit also coordinates with local and state agencies in the planning and response to emergencies and with the Delaware County Medical Reserve Corps

The DC-MRC is comprised of licensed health and medical professionals, including nurses, nurse practitioners, veterinarians, pharmacists, doctors, chiropractors, physician assistants, dentists, mental health professionals, and others. Along with this are non-medical volunteers who will assist and support county efforts. The DC-MRC program collaborates with emergency management, emergency medical services, hospital-based services, medical providers and is coordinated through the Delaware Public Health District. The MRC helps fill gaps during emergencies with volunteers who’ve been organized, trained, assigned and pre-credentialed to assist where their expertise is best applied.

The Delaware Public Health District would like to have public input on our emergency plans. Please contact the Preparedness Team to review and provide feedback on any emergency plans.

James McQuone

The Delaware Public Health District can issue isolation and quarantine orders during an epidemic, threat of an epidemic or when a dangerous communicable disease is present. This step would be taken to protect the health of the rest of the community and stop the spread of infection.

The authority to issue and enforce isolation and quarantine is given to the health district in Section 3707.04Section 3707.32 and Section 3707.34 of the Ohio Revised Code.

Natural Disasters can occur at any time and cause major damage to our lives. The links below provide valuable information on ways you can prepare for specific natural disasters.

The Delaware Public Health District is working to keep you informed and healthy during the event that another pandemic influenza occurs. The following links are valuable resources you can use to prepare with your family and friends.

Bioterrorism agents can have a major impact on the community. The following links will provide important information about different agents that could possibly be used in a bioterrorism attack.

Our community could face many possible threats. The following links provide information about various emergency scenarios and how you can prepare yourself.

The following links can provide you with preparedness information and available training opportunities.