Public Places

Public Pools and Spas

Public Swimming Pools and Spas are regulated by Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) 3701-31.

Each outdoor pool is inspected roughly four times during the swimming season, and all indoor pools are inspected at least quarterly. More inspections may be conducted if necessary. Some of the items examined during those inspections include:

  • Performing water chemistry tests to ensure proper levels of disinfectant, pH, and other water chemistry parameters.
  • Reviewing facility records to ensure that operators are checking water chemistry as often as necessary and are appropriately responding to accidents that may occur.
  • Ensuring lifeguards are properly trained and are present where required.
  • Checking the facility’s emergency phone to make sure it is operable.
  • Ensuring that the proper safety equipment is in place around the pool deck.
  • Reviewing the types of chemicals used and ensuring those chemicals are stored properly.


Campgrounds and RV parks are regulated by Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) 3701-26. This code specifies requirements that ensure these recreational areas are maintained in a sanitary manner.

DPHD sanitarians inspect each licensed campground and RV park at least once annually to ensure that the standards outlined in OAC are met. Some of the areas examined during these inspections include:

  • Ensuring adequate spacing between campers and tents to prevent fire hazards and to allow room for access by emergency services.
  • Making sure that trash is stored properly and is disposed of as needed to prevent harborage of pests.
  • Preventing nuisance conditions on sites, such as areas of standing water that can provide breeding areas for mosquitoes.
  • Ensuring proper disposal of sewage and a safe drinking water supply.

Tattoo & Body Piercing

Under Ohio Administrative Code 3701-9, DPHD’s Tattoo and Body Piercing program is responsible for the approval and inspection of the facilities within our health district that offer tattoo and/or body piercing services. Tattooing and body piercing are invasive procedures that penetrate the skin. If these procedures are performed improperly, with non sterile equipment, or by untrained personnel, tattoos and piercings can lead to infection or blood borne diseases such as Hepatitis and HIV.

At least once a year, a DGHD sanitarian inspects each tattoo and body piercing establishment to ensure that basic communicable disease control measures are in place and that the facility is being operated in a sanitary manner. Some items that are examined during an inspection include:

  • Ensuring that tattoo/body piercing artists have received appropriate training related to prevention of blood borne diseases as well as first aid training.
  • Reviewing sterilization records for all equipment.
  • Making sure the facility is maintained in a clean and sanitary condition.
  • Ensuring that tattoo/body piercing artists have completed an apprenticeship or training under a skilled artist for each of the services they are performing.

Please refer to the Body Art Studio Review document for the most updated guidelines.


Ohio Smoke-Free Workplace

Ohio’s Smoke-Free Workplace Law, which became effective Dec. 7, 2007, prohibits smoking inside most public places and workplaces. The law also prohibits ashtrays in areas where smoking is not allowed and requires “No Smoking” signs to be posted at entrances. The program operates under a complaint-based enforcement system, which means that inspectors are not doing routine “sweeps” of businesses to look for violations but rather respond to complaints that are reported.

To report a possible violation within the Delaware Public Health District, you can contact an inspector at 740-368-1700, e-mail Melissa Adams,, or visit Ohio’s Smoke-Free Workplace page.

To report a possible violation anywhere in the state, call 1-866-559-6446. Please have the following information when you call:

  • The type of violation observed
  • When the violation occurred
  • Where the violation occurred and the name of the business