Children with Medical Handicaps

Request a Children with Medical Handicaps referral

The Children with Medical Handicaps Program (CMH) is a Ohio Department of Health (ODH) health care program. CMH links families of children with special health care needs to a network of quality providers and helps families obtain payment for the services their children need.

Our specially trained nurses work in partnership with families on behalf of children with special health care needs who live in Delaware County. Public Health Nurse Services are provided at no cost to the family.

Public Health Nurses work with families and CMH to:

  • Help identify children with special health care needs who may qualify for the program
  • Help families fill out forms for CMH
  • Help families locate CMH providers
  • Make referrals to doctors, pharmacies, durable medical equipment providers and other services
  • Explain the CMH program, the Letter of Approval and CMH paperwork
  • Help the family understand their child’s medical plan of treatment
  • Help families understand and work with their medical insurance plan
  • Visit families and/or children in the home, school, health department and other places agreed on by the family
  • Help families find and use the services they need for their child

For more information on how a DPHD PHN can provide assistance to families who have a child with a special health care need call the health district and ask to speak to a CMH nurse.