Community Health Assessment and Plans

2023 Annual Update

Added as an appendix to the original 2022 CHA document, the 2023 annual CHA update builds upon the CHA conducted in 2021 and published in 2022 by The Partnership for a Healthy Delaware County coalition. This update contains the most recent data that was shared and discussed at the quarterly Partnership meeting on December 7, 2023. The data below is meant to enhance the original CHA data and serve as the annual update to the original publication. Furthermore, the coalition determined to not change the identified priority health issues for the CHIP; and they will remain Access to Care, Addiction/Mental Health, Community Conditions and Healthy Behaviors.

The data links below were reviewed and used to inform and solidify year two (2024) CHIP action plans.

2019-2022 Delaware County Suicide Report

PEACE Prevention Matrix

Stimulant Report

CDC PLACES Dataset Tool Report