Keep Delaware County Beautiful

The Keep Delaware County Beautiful (KDCB) program is an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, Inc., promoting Delaware County recycling. The KDCB Coalition provides recycling and litter prevention activities and environmental education programs to the residents and businesses of Delaware County.

Keep Delaware County Beautiful is your local resource for recycling and litter prevention programs and works with the Delaware, Knox, Marion, and Morrow (DKMM) Solid Waste District to provide local recycling and litter prevention programs and activities. KDCB coordinates the recycling drop offs on behalf of the DKMM Solid Waste District.

KDCB’s staff is responsible for assisting Delaware County residents by providing them with the information they need to properly dispose of solid waste. KDCB provides information on how to dispose of special wastes and organizes special collection events each year.

Special Collection events are scheduled in cooperation with the DKMM. These events are held in each of the four counties every year and all are open to Delaware County residents. See Special Collection Events for a list of accepted materials and for more information on Delaware County recycling.

Jenifer Way-Young

Upcoming events to be announced

Contact 740-203-2076 for information on the following programs:

  • Clean Your Block Party!

    This initiative invites neighbors, friends and family to participate in cleaning your block or another public space. Keep Delaware County Beautiful will provide your team with the tools needed to clean your block, including trash bags, gloves and litter grabbers. Contact Jenifer Way-Young to help organize your “block party” cleanup!
  • Great American Clean Up

    The Great American Clean up is a national community improvement event that takes place each year. In 2014-15, Delaware County had 629 volunteers who worked more than 900 hours and collected almost 7 tons of litter from our parks, roadways, rivers and wetlands.
  • River Sweeps

    The Delaware Public Health District’s Keep Delaware County Beautiful program has been organizing River Clean up events since the early 1990’s, and volunteers have removed many tons of tires and trash.  River Sweep partners include the Scioto River Valley Federation, Friends of the Lower Olentangy Watershed, Preservation Parks of Delaware County, City of Delaware, and the Olentangy Watershed Alliance.
  • School programs on trash, recycling and the environment